Mixed media (optical fibre, PET bottles, light source, audio)

At the age of  21 Munro read a book called The Gifts of Unknown Things by Lyall Watson, a radical thinker operating on the margins of accepted science. In it Watson describes Tia, a young girl living on an island in the Indonesian archipelago who possesses the magical gift of seeing sounds in colour, a phenomenon known as Colour Synesthesia. Watson also claimed  the Earth has a natural pulse in the upper atmosphere, resonating at a rate of 69 beats per day. The pulse forms a deep note well below human powers of hearing. As a tribute to Watson, Water-Towers consists of 69 towers that change colour in response to the music emanating from within them. Each tower is about two meters tall and made from over 200 stacked water bottles illuminated by optic fibres. In their original formation the towers resembled enormous liquid batteries of light arranged in a maze formation. Music emanates from the towers; the soundtrack reflects the musical diversity of many nations.

The piece was originally created and exhibited in 2010 within the Cloisters of Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire in the UK.