Opening in May 2023, the mixed exhibition features eight exterior artworks, two interior artworks, and a stunning selection of 2D artworks within the galleries.

LIGHT: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood celebrates the 10th anniversary of an exhibition by the same name held at Cheekwood in 2013. As a campus-wide, immersive intervention highlighting significant advancements in illuminative technology, LIGHT has been expanded in scope and scale for 2023. It is designed to respond to and enhance the outdoor garden and indoor gallery experiences, encouraging an awareness of our individual and collective journeys through time and space. The interplay between Munro’s three-dimensional creations and the surrounding environment – at dusk and after dark – heightens the sense of time’s passage, reinforced through works with expressed childhood and literary themes. Whether backlit sea glass or pigment on paper, his two-dimensional works likewise comment on life through the “language of light.” Munro underscores that, just as he has changed as an individual in the ten years since his previous exhibition at Cheekwood, so too has his relationship with the site, technology, and the world around him.

For more information, visit: LIGHT: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood – Cheekwood

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