Light at Sensorio

Light at Sensorio now features four installations.  Field of Light is a mul­ti-acre walk-through expe­ri­ence, Munro’s largest art­work in the world, recent­ly expand­ed to more than 100,000 stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics, gen­tly illu­mi­nat­ing the land­scape in sub­tle blooms of mor­ph­ing col­our that describe the undu­lat­ing land­scape. The adja­cent Light Tow­ers cel­e­brates Paso Rob­les’ exten­sive wine coun­try envi­rons, fea­tur­ing 69 tow­ers com­posed of more than 17,000 wine bot­tles, illu­mi­nat­ed with glow­ing optic fibers whose col­ors morph to an inspir­ing musi­cal score.

The newly added Fireflies, is a whimsical work made up of close to 10,000 flickering points of Light and Gone Fishing, is a representation of the contemplative act of standing by a river and removing oneself from the here and now to a place of peace and reflection.


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Field of Light photography by Serena Munro. Light Towers photography by Chris Hardy.

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