This work stems from a return visit Munro made to Uluru in 2016, and his realization of being in the same place 24 years before yet the rock, seemingly unchanged. The artwork follows Munro’s interest in the concept of time and is a personal reflection and appreciation that “time present“ is linked to a significant past and an as yet undefined future. Each lily is etched with the Morse code for C, the speed of light and the infinity symbol.

For this iteration in the Time and Again theme, the resulting visual format is simple and to the point. Thirty seven stainless steel ‘lilies’ form a convex dome, each lily marked with the Time Code Pattern rep-resenting past, present and future. By day the installation gleams quietly, marking the time of the passing clouds and sky. By night the central hub of each lily shimmers with radial star bursts of light. Like Time, this artwork will continue to evolve; it is always a work-in-progress.