Mixed media (geodesic dome, acrylic, steel, light sources (LED, tea lights), old bicycle)

One late winter afternoon, Munro was bicycling along a muddy country lane when his lights failed and he ended up in a ditch. As he got to his feet, the idea of cycling in a warm, dry, well-lit environment seemed irresistibly attractive and almost immediately upon arriving home he started sketching the Star-Turn bike. The design is also an exploration of our cultural obsession with celebrity. This is a tongue in-cheek bicycle for celebrities, where we can all take our turn to cycle for fifteen minutes of fame. It is supposed to be the ultimate exercise machine, which keeps both muscles and ego in prime condition!

A chance meeting on a train led to a most important venture for Star-Turn—the Help For Heroes charity. By the end of the train journey, Bruce felt determined raise funds for the cause which he did by gaining sponsorship to ‘cycle’ through the night of the Winter Solstice in 2011.