Photographer, Mark Pickthall

Materials: Acrylic, Light

‘Impression – Time Crossing Culture’ was conceived by Munro having worked with the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford to create an interactive artwork that reflected the museum’s cultural history and collections but that would also be a visual attraction and draw people towards and into the Welcome Space.

The installation continues to develop on Munro’s interest with light and language and in its form follows a theme that prevails in much of his work, a repetition in use of single or few components within a piece. The overall form of the artwork takes inspiration from the dial of a clock where each of the 12 numbers is represented by rings of identical spheres suspended from the ceiling. While the overall form represents the concept of time, each sphere or globe (the shape created from the lines of longitude and latitude) is representative of the Earth. The sculpture is overlaid with a digital animation casting a gentle moving image (an eclectic mix of ancient symbols and geometry) through the spheres on to the floor below.