As with the Field of Light, the moment of connectedness that led to creation of CDSea happened whilst Munro was living in Australia. One Sunday afternoon as he was sitting on a rocky peninsula at Nielsen Park, one of the beautiful Sydney Harbour beaches, he remembers ‘…the light was still strong, like a blanket of shimmering silver light. I had this childish notion that by putting my hand in the sea I was somehow connected to my father’s home in Salcombe, Devon’. Munro left the beach that day in a very positive mood, amazed that the play of light had changed his state of mind so profoundly. Of that moment on that day he says ‘it proved an unforgettable turning-point in my life.’

CDSea was installed at Long Knoll Field in Wiltshire in June 2010, where in 2004 the first Field of Light had been created. A public footpath intersects the field, and this meant that CDSea was on public view from the moment it was finished. Friends and family, including families with young children, all helped Bruce and his team lay out CDSea which was made up of 600,000 used CDs collected from all over the world.