Mixed Media (Compact discs, animation)

c-scales is an audio-visual installation that delivers a dynamic three dimensional, immersive experience for visitors to dip in and out of at will.
The inspiration behind the installation is Sydney harbour itself. My intention is to evoke an abstraction of a sea shedding scales of (historical) light into the space. These audio visual glimpses are created by an array of colour changing light projected across a vast shimmering sea of CDs and DVDs. The resulting reflected light-effects are (in my mind an animated immersive rendition of a painting by Claude Monet or Howard Hodgkin) are reflected onto the interior façades, the architecture of the surrounding gallery becoming an integral and united element of the installation.
The audio – visual filmic narrative is simply inspired by Sydney, Australia, the historical essence of the place distilled into light and sound.  Multiple panoramas of fragmented light create an immersive landscape capturing the history emanating from the sea surrounding.
Abstract visual sequences of light are enhanced with a changing audio track redolent of the sounds emanating from the shoreline, of the fauna, flora, people, trade, shipping, commerce, building and celebrations.