Published: 21st November 2014

Discovery Green’s Brown Promenade comes to light this winter with a unique installation created by Bruce Munro.  Field of Light at Discovery Green will be Munro’s first Southwest and fifth United States installation, and the first time the artwork will be presented in an American urban environment.

The Field of Light, inspired by the unique landscape of Uluru, Australia, now responds to its given environment, be that field or woodland.  Munro continues to be stimulated by landscape and none more so than the city skyline and urban context presented  by Discovery Green.

Opening on 22 November 2014 and running throuhg to February 2015, the Exhibit comprises 4,550 radiant, frosted glass spheres atop slender stems connected by illuminated fiber optic. The spheres and stems wait quietly until dusk and then bloom with gentle rhythms of colored light as darkness falls over the park.

Munro’s installation is the first selected by the Conservancy’s newly-established fine art committee, chaired by Judy Nyquist and comprised of community experts dedicated to bringing the best international fine art to Discovery Green. Chosen for his creative use of light, Munro also shares the park’s commitment to using recycled materials in unexpected ways.

Munro has said “It is an honor to have been invited to exhibit as part of the Conservancy public art program and to appear for the first time in Houston and the State of Texas.”

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