Light Shower

Mixed media (optical fibre, acrylic, light source)

In 2008 Munro was commissioned to create a piece for a contemporary highland lodge at the head of Loch Ossian in Scotland. Spending some time in the property he found himself sitting on the main stairs absorbing the magnificent, uninterrupted view of the Loch and range of snow-capped mountains beyond it. It was raining in squalls against the plate-glass window, which distorted the view with rivulets of water streaming down the panoramic pane. The words ‘light’ and ‘shower’ registered in his mind and the idea formed.

The first public exhibition of Light Shower came in 2010 when Munro was invited to create piece for the Nave of Salisbury Cathedral. Since then it has gone on to be created as a site specific installation at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, Cheekwood, Tennessee, Franklin Park, Ohio and Nicholas Conservatory, Illinois.


  • Salisbury Cathedral

    Salisbury, UK 2010

  • Cheekwood Gardens

    TN, USA 2013