Mixed media (Copper, brass, optical fibre, light source)

The form of Fireflies was first conceived for a residential commission. Then whilst on a bike ride in 2010 Munro found himself  thinking about the meandering pathway through an installation he had just made called CDSea. Recalls Munro “I realised there was a personal connection between that pathway and the spiritual river described in two of my favourite books, Kim by Rudyard Kipling and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. This then became the installation Arrow Spring, which was shown at Longwood Gardens, inspired in part by the River Arrow in Kim. What I wanted was to make a meandering spring/stream/river of light, illuminated both  gently and by natural means.”

At Cheekwood, Munro envisioned the Fireflies within the meditative bamboo forest leading into the Japanese Shomu-en pine-mist garden. Their low presence of the glowing Fireflies as counterpoint to  the impressive height of the bamboo branches that meet above, and he used mirrored panels on the side walls to increase the sense of lateral space.



  • Cheekwood

    TN, USA 2013

  • Longwood Gardens

    PA, USA 2012