Dawn Treader

During my visit to Montalvo I was bowled over by the house and gardens. Montalvo for me is like a depiction of a place in C.S. Lewis’ fabled Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
In this novel Lewis describes an intrepid group of mariners travelling to unchartered lands of that mythical world. Montalvo, in my mind’s eye could be one of the mysterious islands that were visited by the Narnian travellers.
This notion was further reinforced when I observed a large stained-glass window depicting a 17th century galleon (close hauled) on the Main House Stairway. The image could have been of the Dawn Treader itself. And this discovery confirmed to me that the theme of the exhibition had to be inspired by all things Narnia!
My aim with the window is to simply light it in such a way so that the beautiful Galleon is highlighted as it journeys across C.S Lewis’ mythological seas.


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