• Munro at Bath Spa University Media Wall

    Between Worlds

    1 December 2014 – 7 February 2015

    Continuing his exploration into new spaces and environments, Munro experiments with his Light and Language Series at the Bath Spa University Media Wall.

    Inspired by the architecture and the simplicity of sunlight streaming over the vertical slats of the Media Wall, Munro’s Between Worlds II creates a digital visual impression of sunlight moving through woodland throughout a passing day.  The artwork will be on display until 7 February 2015


  • Salisbury Cathedral unveils Munro’s Star

    Salisbury Star

    14 November 2014 – 4 February 2015

    Bruce Munro’s artwork Star was unveiled on 28 November during Salisbury Cathedrals, From Darkeness to Light Advent service.

    The artwork continuing Munro’s exploration into language and light tells the story of the Magi from the New Testament text of Mathew  2:1-12 in Morse code.   Projected over the living font at Salisbury Cathedral, the piece unravels the story of the Magi’s journey through the radiating branches of the star.  The artwork is being exhibited through to 4 February and may be seen during Cathedral opening hours.

    A short film of the artwork will soon be published here.