Mixed media (glass, stainless steel, optical fibre, steel, light source)

Sometimes chance plays its part in the creative process. Stuck in a traffic jam in 2007 Munro saw a display of translucent Christmas baubles in a shop window. Next to him on the passenger seat of the car was some optical fibre he had been working with for another piece. At this moment he simply wondered how the balls would look all clustered together attached to the fibre harness and so he hopped out of his car and bought all the stock in the shop.

Back at the studio the piece, Snowball,  came together very quickly. As it took shape physically images of the wonderful book illustrations of Raymond Briggs The Snowman came to mind and as he illuminated the piece he was reminded of the subtle colours used in the illustrations; in particular the scene of the dancing snowmen & women under the soft hues of the Aurora Borealis.




  • Longwood Gardens

    PA, USA 2012