Mixed media (steel, optical fibre, light)

Munro grew up next to the sea. Upon his first visit to The Hermitage he was struck by its location on a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Lafayette River, a tributary of a tidal estuary.

Munro explains how the relationship between the water and the place inspired Lighthouse: ‘A source of connection, warmth and home, I also know the sea as being a lonely and terrifying place. As a child, I would spend hours squinting through rain-lashed windows watching out for ships in distress. As dusk fell, all the outside world disappeared into a roaring blackness, aside from the warning blink of the Start Point lighthouse. I would imagine what comfort that sole light would bring to sailors who were trying to avoid the treacherous cliffs. I immediately saw an opportunity to create a lighthouse that would flash decipherable words… not as a warning to keep away, but simply as an invitation to come and discover this unique place’.

Standing 6 metres tall, Lighthouse emits a Morse code message towards the estuary. The message itself is, “there is a light that never goes out” and Munro selected it from suggestions crowdsourced from the Hermitage’s members.

Standing 6 meters tall, Lighthouse emits a Morse Code message towards the estuary.


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